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2017 Dates!

Game Worlds Camp 2017 Dates Are Here!

Do you spend all day dreaming up the next big video game? Want to know how to bring the creatures in your sketchbook to life? Love the feeling of cracking codes and saving the world, interested in game development? Then Game Worlds video game summer camp is the place for you!

Game Worlds is a camp where kids ages 9-18 learn the skills needed to make their very own video games. At Game Worlds, real-world developers guide kids through a crash course into how games are made, and help students bring their vision to life through practical skills such as programming, design, testing, business, writing, audio engineering, and art. Students come away with a game they’ve created while learning game development!

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This is a multi-week program where students will create a game as part of a team from start to finish, which they’ll release on their own website. Students will learn the fundamentals of game development, creating all of the art, code, design, audio, and business plan for their game. The game will be ported to mobile platforms after the initial launch.

This is an invaluable opportunity for students to advance their STEM knowledge as they work with real game developers to do something they love!

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Leadership Opportunities with Game Worlds!

Because we have so many awesome students getting older with years of experience making games now, we’re launching our new Mini-Bosses Program! This is designed to help students grow into leadership roles and help prepare them for college and beyond! The goal is to expand on the awesome things our older students do!

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We were honored to be named in Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin 2015! 

“Best Way to Turn Gamers Into Game Makers: Game Worlds”

“Those recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics that kids only have 45 seconds of screen time per day, preferably viewed through a crack in one’s fingers, fall by the wayside when you pick up your video-game-loving kid from a long day of learning to code, designing a video game, and engaging in communal play with like-minded gamers at the end of a pleasantly long day. Game Worlds is the perfect storm of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education, and – bonus – it’s one of the most affordable.”

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Where Creativity and Logic Go Together

With new game design challenges given every week, Game Worlds students get the chance to solve problems creatively, work with kids in their age group, and build innovative pieces of interactive software. Games created by the students in our program have not only been fun, but often explore topics such as science, sociopolitical issues, cultural storytelling, and engineering, making them the ultimate educational experiences. From pizza-loving dinosaurs that fight robots with fluffy kittens, to ancient Greek gods fortifying their underwater labyrinths, the possibilities are endless. We believe giving students tools to create their own game worlds can open up their potential to change the real world.

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Created by Game Developers

Our curriculum is developed by real game developers, which means that students will always get relevant, practical, and up-to-date knowledge. At Game Worlds, students have the opportunity to not only meet these developers, but ask them questions, present their games to them, and develop mentorships. We also offer additional instruction on a voluntary basis, which gives students a chance to dig deeper into subjects that they love. Our staff members cherish the opportunity to work with kids, and are eager to share their experiences in game development with the next generation.
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Work Hard, Play Hard

If there’s something that gamers know best, it’s that there’s nothing as relaxing as a round of your favorite game after a hard day’s work. Whether you’re the most ambitious Minecraft builder at school, or you’re the reigning champion of Super Smash Brothers battles, we have a tournament for you. At the end of the day, instructors and students alike break out the controllers and participate in family-friendly games, allowing students to build friendships over their common love of video games. Competitive types have the chance to play their favorite games for prizes, and we all celebrate our students’ accomplishments with a giant pizza party and award ceremony at the end of the week.
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After graduating from their first Game Worlds session, students will have a basic understanding of how game development works, demos of the games that they’ve created, mentors ready to guide them, like-minded peers to work with, and the skills needed to create new game worlds. We believe with the right tools, a child’s mind can change the world, and we’re ready to teach them how.

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